Meet Sanders

A home without a heart is just a house, but luckily we have a team of passionate staff members who make Sanders so much more than that.

Their shared vision of a hotel that hums with understated luxury brought them together, and every day they work at turning that vision into reality here at Sanders.

  • Kirsika Kaljuvee
    Kirsika Kaljuvee Head of Housekeeping

    Has an exceptional eye for details and ensures our home is always at its best.

  • Jonas Brandenborg Andersen
    Jonas Brandenborg Andersen Bar Manager

    Is a master of classic cocktails that have stood the test of time, but wish to surprise you with unexpected twists of flavours.

  • Julie von Sperling
    Julie von Sperling Head of Guest Relations

    Appreciates the gesture of a handwritten note and the luxury that lies in attending to details. She loves to feel like a local when she travels and look forward to showing our guests Copenhagen’s hidden gems.

  • Julian Wruck
    Julian Wruck Booking & Revenue Manager
  • Filippa Henningsson
    Filippa Henningsson Partnership & Relations Manager

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